Ryan Sleight, CAM
Sr. Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Owens Corning

After experiencing inner barrel corrosion issues on our two Challenger 300 inlets, we were forced to find a repair solution that would solve our problem – the first time. Exploring the options available revealed that only QTA offers a permanent solution that truly eliminates the issue of inner barrel corrosion and had the confidence to support their product with a Lifetime Warranty. Their high-quality, innovative build design, that eliminates any future corrosion concerns and cost exposure due to corrosion, transferrable Lifetime Warranty, and ease of access to technical and engineering support made the choice easy for me, and I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful results! I am excited to see how QTA leverages their expertise, innovation, customer-centric focus, and quality process to permanently solve the ongoing thrust reverser corrosion problem that is plaguing the AS907 fleet!


Gordon MacSwain
Director of Technical Operations, Jet Edge International

We first used a QTA Inlet Upgrade in 2016 on our Learjet model 60’s with great success. We were excited to learn QTA had developed and produced an engine inlet upgrade for our Challenger 300 aircraft which were experiencing repeated corrosion issues. The combination of eliminating corrosion worries, the Lifetime warranty, and excellent build quality reduces risk and cost for our customers which is an excellent fit with our requirements as a major 135 Charter operation.


Tauni Miller
Vice President, A-OK Jets

As a major 135 charter operator with Lear 60, G200 and Challenger 300’s based in Ft Lauderdale, Florida we certainly know about inlet corrosion. We have been frustrated that none of the repair options we have tried lasted very long.

A-OK Jets now exclusively uses the QTA composite barrel STC upgrades for all our inlets. The lifetime warranty in our environment guarantees aircraft availability, which is important to our customers.