Gulfstream G280

HTF7000 Thrust Reverser Door Corrosion

Don’t replace, REPAIR with

Quiet Technology Aerospace

At a fraction of the OEM’s replacement cost
Even if determined Beyond Economical Repair

When corrosion is beyond OEM limits, QTA has an approved solution that

  • Extends the life of TR doors; ‘Life Extension Program’
  • Combines QTA composite expertise to structurally reinforce the TR door.
  • Is light weight
  • Extends corrosion blend-out limits
  • Includes new coating to Thrust Reverser Door with painting to perfectly match aircraft
  • Provides maximum protection per the OEM Service Bulletin
  • FAA/EASA approved
  • Two week turn time
  • Four plus years of added service
  • Exit area is not changed

Don’t pay exorbitant recurring cost of an OEM Maintenance Service Plan (MSP+).
It will only corrode again—guaranteed.


Part Numbers:

LH UPPER 13E117-00-0G
RH UPPER 13E118-00-OG
LOWER 13E103-00-6U or
later dash number

Three Year Structural Warranty

Warranty remains with the aircraft serial number, transferable.

QTA backs its Three Year Structural Warranty with substantial Product Liability Insurance formed and placed by Lloyds of London.

You’re covered – for 3 years!


Contact QTA’s Martin Gardner today and learn how your thrust reverser door corrosion can be repaired and eventually terminated at a fraction of the cost of OEM options.