Carbon Graphite Engine Inlet Barrel

Carbon Graphite Inner Inlet Barrel

The world’s ONLY permanent solution to the unavoidable corrosion problems plaguing newer generation inlet cowl Inner Barrels.

The QTA inlet Upgrade Program replaces and terminates the corroding Aluminum Inner Barrel with a state-of-the-art, one piece, Carbon Graphite Composite Barrel that will never fail.

STC approvals around the globe.

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Pitted Challenger Inlet@2x
A Problem that Doesn’t Get Better with Age

Growing fleetwide & expensive problem of corrosion that began on the drawing board.

  • Higher performing jet engines demanded quieter operation
  • To be quieter, acoustic elements to the inner barrel were added
  • The added acoustic screen traps moisture
  • Moisture induces inner barrel corrosion

Not only is a repair unavoidable and expensive, corroded metal dislodged and feeding through the engine is a very serious safety concern.

To provide increased efficiency and lower noise levels aircraft turbo fan engines have been increasing their Bypass ratio for many years; the ratio of thrust generated by the Fan vs the Jet Core has increased incrementally from 2:1 to as high as 10:1.

To achieve these higher Bypass ratios the diameter of the engine fan has increased. One negative side effect of this is increased forward radiated fan noise that impacts both cabin and ground noise levels.

There is a generation of aircraft where the need for increased acoustic sound suppression in the inlet was achieved through adding an ‘Acoustic’ screen over the traditional aluminum honeycomb panels with open perforated face sheets that make the inner barrel.

The acoustic screen is a permeable fine woven wire mesh and is a powerful acoustic tool.

Unfortunately, in the quest for increased sound attenuation the effect of moisture entrapment in the aluminum inner barrel honeycomb cells was not contemplated. Previous generation inlet cowls with open perforated holes are self-drying, the engine vacuums the moisture out; this does not happen when the acoustic screen is added. This results in moisture being trapped in the cells.

The end result is guaranteed eventual corrosion of the aluminum honeycomb and perforated face sheet.

Once the underlying structure has corrosion the adhesive used to apply the acoustic screen will dis-bond and the acoustic screen will bubble up and detach.

The Solution Starts and Ends with QTA

Decades of applied QTA ‘game-changer’ acoustic technology to earlier generation (and much louder) jet engines, combined with state of the art materials technology and engineered manufacturing finds a solution.

  • Until QTA, the only option was to replace the corroded OEM inner barrel with a new barrel or repair, both use exactly the same material, both are designed to fail again.
  • This is not a true solution, rather a band-aid fix. The only guarantee you get is that this barrel will corrode just like the one it’s replacing.
  • OEM engineered aluminum inner barrels are 100% guaranteed to fail, it’s inevitable.

In attendance at an operators conference by QTA, a specific workshop/briefing was ‘Update on Inlet Cowl Corrosion’.

It was apparent to QTA that once an inlet’s inner barrel has corrosion there is no way to remove it.

The corrosion starts inside the Honeycomb cells and works its way out. Repairs were failing within 3-4 years and replacing the inner barrel with the same item and same materials, guaranteed only one result, it will corrode and fail again.

QTA has nearly 40 years of experience with composites and acoustic technology, originally for Hush Kits.

QTA engineers and management concluded the ONLY solution for operators was to eliminate the root cause of the corrosion and provide a PERMANENT solution.

Pg 4 The Solution Starts

The Carbon Fiber Composite Inner Barrel

STC’s approved worldwide

An upgrade decision to the QTA Carbon Fiber Inner Barrels is the easiest decision you’ll ever have to make.

  • Lifetime fully transferable warranty
  • Substantial weight savings
  • Far lower cost than flawed OEM inlet
  • Quick turn time
  • Exchange program minimizes downtime
  • Robust manufacturing quality that is higher than the OEM

Replacing the original aluminum inner barrel with a one-piece barrel made from Carbon Fiber that will never corrode.

Construction uses Carbon Fiber for the inner and outer skins with a Nomex honeycomb core. Impervious to water, salt, oils, jet fuel, anti-ice fluids, detergents, acid rain, about anything imageable that can get in an Inlet.

Providing the same or better noise attenuation, lighter in weight and extreme durability ensures a lifetime of trouble free, reliable service.

With over 290+ Carbon Fiber Composite Inner Barrels in service on eight affected aircraft models, our results speak for itself.

Group 100@2x

Lifetime Structural Warranty

Lifetime means Lifetime

An upgraded QTA Permanent Solution Carbon Graphite INLET BARREL and ACOUSTIC SCREEN are backed by a lifetime structural warranty, assigned to the aircraft’s serial number and fully transferable.

  • Backed by Product Liability Insurance formed and placed by Lloyd’s of
    London. You’re covered – For Life
  • A QTA warranty remains with the aircraft serial number and is automatically transferable throughout the airplane’s life
Layer 1@2x

Exchange Program

QTA offers a low-cost inlet ‘exchange program’
  • Keeps your aircraft free from extended AOG downtime
  • Provides either exchange inlets or upgrade a complete set of inlet cowls in two-three weeks
Pg 4 opposite Carbon Graphite

In Service Around the World

Over 290 inlets installed and in service. Available for:
  • Bombardier Challenger 300 and 350
  • Bombardier Learjet 60 and 60XR
  • Dassault Falcon 2000EX/LX
  • Gulfstream G200, G280 & G450
  • Hawker 1000
  • Embraer Legacy 450/500 series and Embraer Praetor 500/600

Compatibility, Application & STC Approvals

CHALLENGER 300/350 HTF7000 WBA7160E101-041 ST04417AT 10065518 SA18-98 2018SS11-03 IA-587-2019
QTA CH3-NC-6300-101
EMBRAER 450/500 & PRAETOR 500/600 HTF7000 WBE7160E101-045 ST04464AT 10077612 Applied For Applied For IA-783-2021
QTA CH3-NC-6300-101
FALCON 2000 DX, EASy, EX, LX, LXS, S PW308C 06ND71600-1 ST04413AT 10065514 Approved 2018S11-02 IA-586-2019
QTA F20-NC-2000-101
GULFSTREAM G200 PW305 LH 288-0101-501 ST04261AT 10065841 Approved 2017S03-09 IA-588-2019
LH 288-0101-505
LH 282-0211-505
QTA LH G20-NC-6200-101
PW305 RH 288-0101-504
RH 288-0101-507
RH 282-0211-507
QTA RH G20-NC-6200-103
GULFSTREAM G280 HTF7000 WBD7160E101-041 ST04444AT 10070475 Approved Applied For IA-636-2019
QTA CH3-NC-6300-101
GULFSTREAM 450 RR Tay Mk 611-8C LH 1159P41150-9 STC ST04522AT 10077605 Applied For Applied For IA-784/2021
LH 1159P41150-41
QTA G45-NC-6400-101
RH 1159P41150-21
RH 1159P41150-43
QTA G45-NC-6400-103
HAWKER 1000 PW305 LH 266-0101-501 ST04265AT 10073535 NA NA IA-708-2020
LH 266-0101-507
LH 266-0101-511
LH 266-0101-515
QTA LH H10-NC-6100-101
PW305 RH 266-0101-503
RH 266-0101-509
RH 266-0101-513
RH 266-0101-517
QTA RH H10-NC-6100-103
LEARJET 60/60XR PW305 LH 282-0211-501 ST04233AT 10065432 Approved 2018S11-01 IA-585-2019
LH 282-0211-505
QTA L60-NC-6000-101
RH 282-0211-503
RH 282-0211-507
QTA L60-NC=6000-103

The Worlds Only Permanent Solution

The ONLY permanent solution to the corrosion problem plaguing the Inlet Cowl Inner Barrel

Now available through your Service Center or Direct from QTA