Corrosion Relief for Gulfstream G280 Operators

The Only Solution for Terminating Engine Inlet Cowl Barrel Corrosion – Program’s 6th STC Approval

Quiet Technology Aerospace (QTA) has received STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) #ST04444AT approval for its sixth airframe specific carbon fiber engine inlet replacement barrel. This STC offers a terminating solution for Gulfstream G280 operators over the plaguing issue of engine Inlet Cowl inner barrel corrosion on the Honeywell HTF7250G engine inlets.

Combating an expensive and time-consuming problem of engine Inlet Cowl aluminum inner-barrel corrosion and acoustic screen degradation on the Gulfstream G280 aircraft, QTA now offers a lighter weight state-of-the-art Carbon Graphite Composite Barrel that terminates the issue; and comes with a lifetime warranty that remains with the aircraft’s serial number. When installed, the inlets appearance is better than originally manufactured. This is not a repair which will fail again, potentially causing engine damage, but a permanent solution to the issue.

The latest QTA program STC is valid for Gulfstream Aerospace G280 series aircraft.

QTA’s launch customer for the new carbon graphite inner barrels will be installing the first completed ship set on their G280 week of March 31.

The Gulfstream G280 solution is QTA’s sixth approved STC in their carbon fiber engine inlet solution program that began in 2015. Other inner barrel corrosion affected airframes benefitting from QTA’s state of the art engineering and carbon fiber manufacturing are the Lear 60, Gulfstream G200, Hawker 1000, Falcon 2000LX/EX and Challenger 300/350 series.

Additionally, QTA has a low-cost inlet “exchange program” that keeps aircraft free from extended AOG conditions.

QTA can provide either Exchange inlets or upgrade a complete set of Inlet Cowls in 15 days for the G280 aircraft, greatly reducing operator downtime compared to alternative corrosion repairs.

QTA’s carbon graphite composite inner barrel comes with a lifetime warranty, assigned to the aircraft’s serial number that automatically transfers to any future owner. In addition, the QTA upgraded inlet cowls have a life time Product Liability Insurance placed via Lloyds of London. The combined Product Warranty and Liability Insurance provides total coverage for the life of the aircraft.

Since the carbon fiber inner barrel replacement program began in 2015, operators of affected aircraft have shown enthusiastic support of QTA’s technology and the manufacturing quality of their product.

QTA has installed 100+ carbon fiber inlet barrels on 56 aircraft around the globe. Operators are both relieved from the corrosion problem that has plagued their engines inlets and impressed with the quality and reasonably priced QTA solution.

Barry Fine, CEO of Quiet Technology Aerospace, stated, “With our sixth STC approval finalized for the Gulfstream G280 series, QTA now has a permanent and terminating corrosion fix for over 2000 aircraft around the world. That represents a very large amount of time and money saved to operators that have been continuously troubled by expensive and time consuming inner barrel corrosion issues on their original OEM Inlet Cowls. The carbon fiber inlet program insures QTA customers a safe, simple and quick experience when upgrading that is most of all, cost efficient and final.”

QTA’s other STCs for Inlet Upgrades cover the following aircraft types:

  • Bombardier Challenger 300 and 350
  • Bombardier Learjet 60 and 60XR
  • Dassault Falcon Jet 2000LX-EX
  • Gulfstream G200
  • Hawker 1000