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Quiet Technology Aerospace (QTA) is a market leader in the application of advanced composites for noise attenuation and structures.

QTA is located in Hollywood, Florida and the company holds FAA approvals for PMA (Parts Manufacturing Approval) and Part 145 Repair Station. QTA operates from a 30,000 sq ft air conditioned facility with a 1,000 sq ft clean room, two certified paint booths, curing ovens, refrigerated storage, materials test laboratory and associated equipment required to support both new production and repair services.

Since 1988, our Companies have achieved 11 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) for Hush Kits on large transport aircraft, military transports and corporate business aircraft.


  • Douglas DC8-51
  • Douglas DC8-61
  • Aer Macchi MB339
  • OC135B USAF Special Ops.
  • Douglas DC8-51
  • Douglas DC8-61
  • Boeing 707-100
  • Boeing 707 300
  • BAC 1-11 400
  • Gulfstream GII/GIIB/GIII
  • Gulfstream QTA Plus GII/GIIB/GIII
  • Gulfstream 200
  • Hawker 1000
  • Learjet 60

QTA first introduced Carbon Graphite Composites on the DC8 hush kit certified in 1988, that’s 28 years of in service experience with advanced composites. The use of advanced carbon graphite was applied to Inlet Cowl inner barrels, Inlet Bullets, By-pass fan ducts and ejectors, as well as structural components used in the installation of the hush kits.


As the leader in Hush Kit design and manufacturing, QTA established a unique combination of skills and capabilities:

  • FAA approved material and process specifications for composite structures that have been used on multiple programs.
  • Suppression of engine noise utilizing advanced acoustic solutions.
  • Thrust Reverser and Systems design, modification and overhaul.
  • Structural and systems detailed design and substantiation.
  • FAA and overseas certification of products through the STC process.
  • Cost effective manufacture of composite structures combining optimized acoustic treatment.
  • Product support and repair services for Composite Structures and Thrust Reversers.

The last of our legacy products is the Stage 3 Hush Kit for the Gulfstream GII, GIISP, GIIB, and GIII, in 2003 and QTA has delivered over 125 aircraft sets.


This combination of advanced composite materials technology and acoustic engineering is now being applied to solve in service corrosion issues with Inlet Cowls, replacing the original OEM aluminum honeycomb inner barrel with an advanced composite unit that will last the life of the aircraft. The first of these for the Lear 60 aircraft was awarded an STC in October 2015, the Gulfstream G200 STC was awarded April 2016, and the Hawker 1000 STC was issued June 9, 2016. Next to be certified is for the Falcon 2000LX/E series.


  • Lear 60
  • Gulfstream G200
  • Hawker 1000

The next in this family of inlet upgrades is for the Falcon 2000LX/E series, this program is in the detail design phase to generate the required data for certification by to the FAA.. QTA is working on other inlets and components, all to eliminate in service corrosion and these will be announced as they approach certification.


In Service support, our FAA approved 145 Repair Station #Q9TR440N provides support for composite and structural repairs as well as thrust reversers on Gulfstream GIII, GIV, GV, Lear 35, 36, 60 series, Hawker 125/1000 and IAI Westwind and Galaxy aircraft. QTA has in house engineering to develop bespoke repair solutions aimed at providing operators best value, and time savings.